Aspira XObject – Immediate SFDC Cross-object Workflow

Aspira XObject

The Aspira XObject Solution

Workflow automation should always be immediate, yet until now cross-object workflow has required that users edit records on both objects before the workflow criteria would evaluate.

Aspira XObject allows System Administrators to create “relations” between objects so that workflow rules that are cross-object dependent get updated as soon as the user changes a record on the “watched object” to fulfill the workflow criteria set on the “affected object.”

The free tool allows you to trigger workflow on any standard objects that accept workflow rules and then “relate” them to standard or custom objects that are connected by lookup fields.

With the extended tool you can also enjoy immediate workflow between two custom objects or between custom and standard objects. Call us to request a price quote for extending the app to include your custom objects.

Download the free Aspira XObject app on the AppExchange Now

Examples of Useful Applications:

Aspira XObject is the solution you’ve needed to make workflow between different objects truly useful by making it immediate. Download the application now and put it to work for you. And please be sure to add the domain to your safe senders list so that you will be able to receive the emailed User’s Guide containing instructions on use of the app.

Download the free Aspira XObject app on the AppExchange Now

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