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Non-Profit Technology Expertise

Non-profit technology consultingAs much as we enjoy helping our corporate clients succeed, it is a still greater pleasure to work together with non-profit clients to help them take full advantage of the online technology available to them. Over the course of our careers, AspiraTech team members have served non-profits in many capacities, in addition to now providing non-profit technology consulting services. We have been non-profit Administrators, board members, staff, and volunteers. AspiraTech’s founder previously worked at the United Way of NY as a database consultant and at Bailey House (AIDS Services agency) as a vocational/computer trainer.

AspiraTech has been a part of numerous non-profit implementations of online Constituent Relationship Management database software, as well as projects optimizing previous in-house implementations and training/guiding new SFDC Administrators as they seek to learn how to best implement the application themselves. Wherever your organization is in the transition out of spreadsheets, ACT, Access, or whatever desktop/server based system you have been using to keep track of communication and revenue, we can help you find the right technology, implement it effectively, and master the art of ongoing administration of the technology.

We are particularly experts in the implementation of Foundation’s donated CRM system and integrated technologies that will allow your organization to organize information across your organization within one, united system that can be accessed from anywhere staff/board members/constituents have an internet connection. Our salesforce training services will have your staff moving through the new system like experts in no time.

As part of our commitment to supporting the service missions of the non-profit community as it seeks to benefit the world we all share, AspiraTech offers a 40% discount on all services provided to non-profit organizations. Just mention your non-profit status when inquiring.

We look forward to collaborating with you to develop the technical solutions that will support you in your service mission. And we can’t wait to learn about what you do. Request a price quote now to open a dialogue and we can begin the work of turning your technical needs and aspirations into realized goals.

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