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Effective implementation of your company’s CRM initiative is not just about getting your data out of your old system (whether another CRM or a series of spreadsheets) and into your new system. In order for the new system to succeed in trulyimproving your business performance, a professional and comprehensive approach is needed. AspiraTech’s experience as the Salesforce implementation consultant to many successful businesses provides us with insight and expertise when it comes to helping your company get the most out of Avoid common pitfalls and apply best practices.

It is far easier to get a system set up correctly initially than to try to reinvent and retrain many months in. Don’t foster bad habits in a new system that cause it to go unused, have features under-utilized, or be so inaccurate it is worthless for management decision-making. The goal is to shape the system to your business, and that requires an expert approach.

The AspiraTech Salesforce Implementation Process

  1. Review Business Process What do you do now? Who does it? What do you need in the new system?
  2. Plan CRM Implementation What are we going to do and when? When can you provide needed data?
  3. Configure New System Let’s make something.
  4. Integrate Diverse Systems How about one unified work environment for total relationship insight, from your website all the way to accounting?
  5. Migrate Data Now let’s make it meaningful and useful.
  6. Review and Refine Now let’s perfect it, once we can see how it works with your data.
  7. Create Reports and Dashboards Information goes in for the purpose of getting it out, with insight.
  8. User Training We’ll teach your workers how to do what they need to do for their jobs. Includes custom user guide.
  9. Administrator Training We won’t leave you hanging with a new system you are responsible for but don’t fully understand. We weave administrator training throughout the entire implementation, then do a formal presentation that pulls it all together at the end of the project.


The up front cost of contracting for a new CRM can often lead companies to want to try to take a “do-it-yourself” approach, but this is unwise. The user guide for is over 3000 pages long, and growing each quarter. The nuances of the system’s backend make experienced guidance essential at each of these stages. The value is immeasurable, and yet the expense can be surprisingly modest.


If you feel you have the in-house expertise to self-implement, consider having us come in to supervise the implementation, advising on best practices and common “gotchas,” and training your in-house Administrator and/or users. Such supervision generally falls somewhere around $4,000, but will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of frustration by helping you build upon a strong foundation.


Be sure to read some of these comments from our previous Salesforce implementation clients. You will note that many former clients still look to AspiraTech for ongoing Admin support, which is always an option if you don’t want to dedicate an in-house position to a Salesforce Administrator role and no staff person has the time to really be the one responsible for everything any user needs in the system.

To find out more about this option, visit our CRM Management page. If you already are using Salesforce CRM and need additional user or admin training customized for your implementation, then visit our Salesforce Training page. Wherever you are in the process, be sure to find out more about our System Integration services to make your CRM database the hub of a cohesive online technical environment for your business.

To learn more about CRM implementation in general, read the following article CRM Implementation or submit a request for a free Salesforce implementation project evaluation and price quote to find out what CRM implementation services will best help you.

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