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SaaS Database Design

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What is a SaaS database? SaaS stands for Software as a Service. That means instead of organizing and storing your data on servers and hard drives that you purchase and maintain yourself, you invest nothing up front and use the servers others configure and maintain. With an online SaaS database, you get to coordinate information for all your employees no matter where they are so long as they have internet access. Also take advantage of our extensive experience with System Integration to connect your database system to your company’s website, online store, back office systems and other legacy systems for a seamless user experience and increased productivity, accuracy and profitability.

Free SaaS Database from has released a Free Edition of its database platform. The free edition allows up to 100 users, includes one website with a database backend, plus up to 10 custom objects (tables) per user. It is a great way to get started with a SaaS database that can share data with anyone you choose, whether select internal staff or the entire Internet, and here at AspiraTech we can help you get up and running in no time. To get started:

  1. Visit Free SaaS Database to sign up for a trial account and immediately begin experiencing the power of built-out features;
  2. Submit a request for a free price quote and we will guide you through the entire process – from a business process review of your business’s unique needs, through custom database design and set up, then user & administrator training.

The Low-cost QuickBase SaaS Database Solution

Need more than 100 user accounts, and can’t afford’s $50 per user platform price? Then QuickBase is your SaaS database solution for as little as $3/user per month, depending on the number of users.

Some of the companies that use QuickBase for their customized database solutions:

These large enterprises don’t run their entire business on QuickBase, though many small and mid-size businesses do. Instead, they leverage the economical power of QuickBase to allow individual departments to develop solutions that meet their workflow and document collaboration needs.

Have a national team that needs to go out and collect information, but want management to be able to analyze and report on that information as it comes in? How about a project with many teams involved, all located in different states? Let us design a SaaS database to meet your needs so that you can focus on the work you do and leave the IT to someone else.

Follow this link to learn more about QuickBase SaaS Database Design case studies, then contact us with a price quote request to take the first step towards fulfilling your database needs for just pennies per worker per day.

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