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System Integration

System Integration

When a Canadian software company approached us looking for advice on the choice between a few short lists of SaaS vendors they were thinking of using to replace their custom-built in-house system, AspiraTech was there to not only guide them to the right choices for their company’s unique needs and resources, but to guide them to new solutions they hadn’t even considered. Then we customized a central SaaS database platform to meet their specific business requirements, integrated all their technology solutions into one unified system built around it, and trained their staff to do their jobs in a manner that leveraged the new efficiences.  We didn’t just pick the best products then tell them to “plug and play.” We did extensive gap analysis then custom coded solutions that made the “best fit” into a perfect fit for their needs. And we did it all on time and within budget.

More System Integration Examples from Past Projects

When referred a client to us who was looking to launch a new web-based business venture and who didn’t know where to start beyond needing a CRM to manage his sales pipeline, we took it from there. We of course designed his company website and CRM customizations, but we went far beyond that to help him design the perfect system of SaaS products so that he was able to create a million dollar business for a mere fraction of the cost. We then worked with him to integrate each of those platforms into one seamless user experience, all the way from discovering his website (SEO), signing up for a trial and entering needed credit card info that would only be charged later (payment processor, website integration, CRM integration), service delivery software to fulfill the purchase, customer portal for the self-management of customer accounts, and customer service software system to deliver the best of class service he wanted his customers to enjoy. He now runs a profitable business that looks like a major enterprise, but is actually just a single individual backed by the right technology consultant with expert knowledge of a SaaS industry that can empower individuals and small companies to heights of success formerly reserved for only those enterprises that could afford dozens of full-time programmers.

When one of the companies that have installed our free CRM workflow automation application contacted us to request the same solution, only in reverse, we were able to quickly deliver the solution that met their needs. Instead of sending workflow updates from parent object to child object, the way the CRM platform natively worked, we coded a solution that sent the data from each update from any child object to an intermediary object displayed on the Parent object and also updated the related parent object record directly with the first and latest values from any child object for specific metrics being tracked. Those fields could then be used in subsequent workflow written on the parent object, so that the actions on child objects could trigger events on parent objects as the company’s business process required.

These are just a few examples of past projects that have served clients from major multi-national corporations through  small businesses (even independent individuals) in pursuit of their ultimate objective, increased profitability through the targeted use of available technologies and related training. Contact us now to find out more about how AspiraTech can help your company reach its target performance objectives as well.

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