“Netformx is a small software company (less than 100 employees) with offices in Santa Clara, CA and Tel Aviv. We contracted with AspiraTech to complete our integration which was not going very well after several frustrating months. Our first choice for a SFDC Administration Contractor turned out to be more of a programmer than a consultant, and did not understand our business or how to implement and customize SFDC to meet our needs.  From the start it was apparent that AspiraTech had the right consultative approach and deep knowledge necessary to steer our integration in the right direction. We have the pleasure of working with I.O. Dutton who we have found to have the patience and skill to work with a wide variety of individuals in our organization, from sales executives to account managers. AspiraTech fully documents the integration and customization performed and has successfully completed each task and project that was defined in our agreement. We are now beginning to enjoy the benefits of using SFDC and continue to use AspiraTech to achieve higher levels of productivity and collaboration with our customers and partners.  AspiraTech deserves our highest recommendation. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found them.”

Michael Lakin
VP Sales Managment, NETFORMX

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